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Why «Procurement Automation & Service»?

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Procurement Automation & Service

PRO Automations Ltd is committed to supplying industrial automation spare parts to Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East and Latin America. Our interests are developing presence in the industrial automation sectors and courier services worldwide, between international customers and global manufactures. We provide procurement trading services which yield mutual benefits for both stakeholders and customers.

PRO Automations Ltd working closely with our existing UK partners and EU suppliers’ base, it has enabled us to amass considerable experience and build excellent working relationships with global manufacturers. 

PRO Automations Ltd know where the main manufacturers are. PRO Automations Ltd know how they operate, and know their market prices and policy margins. PRO Automations Ltd know how to keep their collective operations moving where others would not. 

Why «Procurement Automation & Service»?


    PRO Automations Ltd have global partnership arrangements with many leading manufacturers and suppliers and are therefore able to offer a wide range of new equipment at very competitive prices on a global market scale.


    PRO Automations Ltd dedicated parts specialists can undertake the hard work for you whichever part you require, by utilizing their huge database of suppliers to quickly and efficiently locate the part you are seeking.


    PRO Automations Ltd specialists can perform the quickest and best quality Order Quotation from suppliers depending on client needs, ensuring a competitive price, and efficient response time which are both favourable to clients.


    PRO Automations Ltd specializes in providing reliable and professional delivery solution, with the quickest and most efficient currier delivery system, leading to lower lead times and cost.


Our services:

  • Whatever you’re requirements, whoever you are, no matter how big or small your order, PRO Automations Ltd offer the same industry leading service.
  • Translating procurement tendering lists and pricing as PRO Automations Ltd know the global market cost of goods, facilitating with greatest care, transporting and posting products to your direct address. 
  • Our experiences within the global manufacturing industry, allows us to offer a huge range of automation parts and simplified delivery services worldwide.
  • PRO Automations Ltd are aware that some parts are extremely hard to come across, and will use every effort to find them from their vast network of suppliers. 
  • PRO Automations Ltd aim to be the only company who provide services by contacting the suppliers, product facilitation and market pricing, procurement order translation and most flexible product delivery to our customers.
  • Our top automation manufacturers are: ABB; Honeywell; Siemens; General Electric; Heidenhain; Allen Bradley; Shneider Electric; etc.

Our partners:

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